Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thank You God! Part 2


Monday, June 25, 2007

VBS ........ Spartanburg

Last night as we drove home from church, my eye caught a glimpse of a familiar sight. A Bible School bus from Spartanburg, S.C. Now, I attend a big church now that I love! However, growing up I attended Tugglesville Baptist, a small church about 2 minutes from where I lived at that time. I can remember seeing the buses and getting all excited. This was so awesome to me and to all those that I grew up with. First Baptist of Spartanburg had a ministry called Kentucky Missions which brought adults and teens to my area to teach Vacation Bible School.
As I got older, it became even more exciting. First of all, as a young girl, my friends and I thought that the male teenage teachers were so cute! Secondly, I began to create lots of friends that I would continue to correspond with throughout the year. I actually met my friend Kristi (the same Kristi that turned me on to blogging) through VBS. She came back during the year and spent time with Brooke Helton and I. She was such a role model to me even though we are only a year or so apart. Imagine my surprise when I discovered her blog, Good Like A Medicine on here! I also met Ann, who also has a blog now. She and Kristi were friends in S.C. just like Brooke and I were here in Ky. I love the fact that I had the opportunity to meet these girls and to experience God through them and with them.

Brooke, Me, Kristi at Union College in 99

I also have been introduced to the story of Hannah Sobeski, who I have mentioned in previous blog entries, a young teenager who stood for God throughout her battle with cancer. Hannah was also a VBS teacher with this group. I know first hand of the lives here in Ky that she touched as I have had a few of the students in my school who were her VBS students.

Kristen, Hannah, and Annie VBS at Calloway

I am almost 26 now, but the excitement of seeing those buses still came over me. What a wonderful missionary work for God. I thank God for First Baptist of Spartanburg for all the years they spent teaching me about God. I thank God for all the friends that He sent me through this missionary work including Randy who has pictures of me as a small child all the way through high school.
I don't attend the same church now (as I mentioned above) and I probably don't know most of the folks that are here, but I know that they come from generations of awesome times in studying about God. Join me this week and throughout the years to come in Prayer for these wonderful folks who are working hard to see people in Eastern Kentucky Saved. Let's Pray a special blessing upon their lives and their ministry.

Thank You God!

In lieu of the accident at Kentucky Kingdom last week, I began researching last night to see if their had been any new developments. There had.... the amusement park I had been to last week and the ride that I had been on 2 times in a row with my husband and friends was shut down after a frayed cable was found on it. Click here to read about it. Scary but it shows me that my God is good! He protected us!

New Music Feature

Hello All....

Just wanted to make you aware of the new music feature that I have added to this blog and my 2 supplemental blogs. (By the way... I encourage all of you to scroll down the side bar and visit my 2 supplemental blogs. I know they will encourage and bless you!) 99.9% of this music is Christian because that's what I listen to. I did put in a country song called "I Lost It" by Kenny Chesney because parts of it reminded me of Michael and I. I also added "Big Girls Don't Cry" song by Fergie. I don't really even listen to this music but I have heard it quite a few times and I really like the vocals. Also, I know it isn't the same song but it reminds me of the old version of "Big Girls Don't Cry" by Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons.

Like I Said the majority of the music below is my favorite Christian music. You will hear some short clips from Brian Littrell, previous member of the Backstreet Boys. He has an awesome CD that I love. One song talks about Jesus as a child and is amazing!
I also have included Third Day which is the very first Christian group that I ever listened to. Actually the Third Day songs are pretty meaningful to me because I use to sing some of them in church as I incorporated them into our Easter Musical.
There's a Mercy Me song entitled Homesick in the mix also. It was a big comfort to me when I lost my best friend Danielle.
Casting Crowns songs are also included. I have to say, they have some pretty amazing music. It's hard to listen to more honest lyrics.
Lastly, I have included some Selah songs. "Wonderful, Merciful Savior" played during the unity candle ceremony in my wedding. Our theme for the wedding was Jesus! What a perfect song! I encourage you to check this group out because they have amazing songs and vocals!
Let me know what you think about the songs playing below!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Carowinds 2007

Well... we put off our trip until today. Tara (Travis' wife) and I went today to Carowinds and Michael and Travis came after training. We had a good time. Tara and I are going back tomorrow to spend our last day here in Rock Hill, SC / Charlotte NC. Here are some pics of the some of the rides we rode today. Also, click the link embedded in the name of the roller coasters. Some have video clips of what it feels like to ride it.

The Borg
... you lay flat on your back the entire ride and it seriously feels like you are flying over water because you are laying straight over it.

The Vortex... stand up roller coaster similar to Chang..... fun but it hurt our legs. Carolina Cyclone... fun.

Ps. Pray for Michael's coworker Joe. His mother passed away today of cancer. Pray for the peace of God to surround the family.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rock Hill, SC ... Romans 8:28

Hi all:
I am currently spending the week in Rock Hill, SC with my hubby. He is here for a training. We have had a really good time thus far. We've had the opportunity to spend time with his co-workers and his boss and their families. It's been fun. Today's agenda includes shopping with Michael's boss Travis' wife Tara (wow that was a mouthful!) and a trip to Carowinds Amusement Park with the hubbies after they get out of training.) It will be fun! It's sort of a good thing that I am not pregnant yet. At least I can ride the rides tonight : )
Things are about the same in every other area of life. Work is still the same, still tryin' for a child, yada, yada, yada. The only different thing is me. I have been feeling really odd lately. It's because of the stress that I have been under this whole summer. Things are just all up in the air in a lot of areas of life and I am Praying my way through them.
Last night, I was alone in the hotel spa while Michael was in the weight room. I sat there and Prayed for God to continue to be My Strength throughout all of the things that are going on. I know to some it seems really silly. The thing is, I have real issues with change. And I know that people say that life is full of change and that I should just get over that. My thoughts are this, I know people are trying to be helpful. I totally know life is full of change. I have been through a lot of personal loss, which to me is one of the most major life changes you could ever go through. I also know that In have different issues than some of these same people. To know, I mean to really know, is to be in those shoes.
Do I sound mean? I really am not trying to. And those of you reading this entry, please know that I absolutely do not mean this directed towards you. Actually, its not directed to anyone in particular, just general groups that don't even read my this blog. I am just writing to relieve my issues with everything. I just get overwhelmed with emotions and it stresses me to feel as though folks are assessing my emotions and deciding how I should be responding. *sigh* Oh well.
Sorry if that seems negative, I promise this isn't negative. I know God is working in my life to create a path for me that has definite tasks to accomplish. Sometimes being broken takes you back to closer times in your walk with God. We have to use our "situations" in a positive way in order to make the suffering count. Our God is so good, isn't He?
Keep Praying about work, me (my heart and feelings), our trip here in SC and home, as well as babies hopefully in the really near future!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Memorial For A Saint... Ruth Bell Graham

In Memory of One of God's Finest!

Please join me in remembering Mrs. Ruth Bell Graham, wife of Evangelist Billy Graham. My Mamaw Brittain thought the world of Rev. Graham and had supported his ministry for years. I have developed a love of him as I have followed his ministry in her absence. The moment that I truly knew this was a worthwhile ministry is when as a 14 year old girl, I wrote to let them know of my mamaw's homecoming to Heaven. I was sent back a personal letter of comfort along with various materials to help my family through that hard time. The Billy Graham Ministry is one of true value. If you haven't visited it's website, I encourage you to do so. I also encourage you to go to the site and read about Mrs. Graham. I promise this ministry will touch your heart. Also, please help me keep the Graham family in Prayer. Mr. and Mrs. Graham had been married for 64 years, you can imagine how hard it will be for him.

Billy Graham Tribute to Ruth Graham on the Occasion of her Death
"My wife Ruth was the most incredible woman I have ever known. Whenever I was asked to name the finest Christian I ever met, I always replied, ‘My wife, Ruth.’ She was a spiritual giant, whose unparalleled knowledge of the Bible and commitment to prayer were a challenge and inspiration to everyone who knew her. "

(from the

Thursday, June 14, 2007

My Prayer

"If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?" (Luke 11:13)

Dear Heavenly Father,

You know that I feel as though I am carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders right now. I have had such a rough summer and I have had such a hard time understanding why things are happening the way that they are. I Pray that You continue to remind me that You are the one in ultimate control. I shouldn't fear what's to come or feel down about things that seem to be slowly coming to pass. I Pray that You continue to make me remember just who You are and that you are my comfort in this storm. I know that You are in control and that You know all things. I realize that you are taking care of me even now as I sit here with tears in my eyes. I do what I am suppose to do in this life because of my love for you, not for mortal man. You are my King no matter what comes my way. I beg forgiveness for not always being the easiest child to deal with and I praise You for always patiently dealing with me anyway. Please Lord let Your will be done in these situations. Continue to use my life to glorify You.

In Jesus' Precious Name,


P.S. Lord, could you prepare a special little blessing to send my way when you see fit.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Random pics of Gavin, Mon's Bridal Shower, and Me

Gavin asleep at the shower.
Brides and their fashionable toliet paper dresses.

Mon, Rachel and Emma
Gav was hot!!
Check out the wet spot on Brenda's leg from Gavin pukin' on her.
Yellow cake.
Mine and Jessica's creation modeled by Robin.
Jacked up car from the beach.
Me at the beach.
Again... check out the sunburn.
Gav's new clothes that I picked out.
Tigger baby.
Big, Blue Eyes
Arika, Gavin, Monica and Sarah J.

Introducing ....... Mr. & Mrs. Wilson ..... Monica Brittain & Chris Wilson Tie The Knot!!!

Well...... it was a bittersweet day for me. My little cousin Monica married her sweetheart of 3.5 years on Saturday. I have watched her grow up and have been the sounding board of a lot of her problems. Saturday she followed in my footsteps and added to her last name........ notice she didn't totally change it. She is not a Brittain-Wilson chick. We love our heritage. Jess did the same with lil Gavin and his last name. Anyway, here are the pics. Enjoy! (These two took great pics together.)

Gavin & Billy .... matching clothes

Monica before her wedding!

Monica holdin' Gavin!

Billy feedin' Gavin

Jess walkin' down Gavin the ring bearer!

She puts his ring on his finger.....

and he puts hers on, too.

A kiss seals the deal.

Preparing to throw the boquet!
Up, Up, and Away!
Lucky Jess is next!
Time to retrieve the garter... Good luck Chris, I almost never got it on her leg haha!
Jessica with Mon

Hands on the BIBLE!

Newly Weds!!!
Gettin' ready to PRAY.
Mon's boquet.
Jess worked for hours on this lovely keepsake!
Jess and little man

Waitin' to get hitched
Gav and Jess
Tha cake
bad pic of me and Gav

Monday, June 11, 2007

Our Beach Trip 2007 Pictures!

God's beautiful creation!
The waves come crashin' in.
Sunrise the mornin' we left.
Beautiful waves!
I love riding these!
Mom fighting with her ice!
Momma and Me.... I love my momma!
Me and mom being goofy!
Yet Again!

Come Out Ice!
She got it!
Our Pool
This was where we sprayed off from the ocean and man were those rugs hot and rough on your feet!
Billy and Seth surfin' the net on my laptop in my room of the condo at the beach.

Billy attempting to fight the waves!
Little wave!
Ridin' the waves.....why am I wearing a t-shirt??? Because I baked my shoulders the day before!
Our Hotel.... The Longbay Resort
Me and Tina entering the ocean that almost swept us out the day before! What a story that was!

Seth, Me, Billy preparing to ride!
Me getting knocked down by a wave!
Billy comin' out of the wata.

Billy headin' out to ride the waves. Billy boogie boarding!

Kim posin in her new Toby Keith hat.
Mom & Mamaw walk beneath the fireworks!
Mom, Kim, & Tina
Kim & Tina
Mom posin'

The little boy pees out the flames lol!
Billy missed the flying shrimp!
Pretty waterfall!
Mom's most favorite place in the world!!!!!! YEA RIGHT!

Me and Mamaw Rose!
Mom enjoys her soup!
Chuck flexin' and Pam smilin'
He is beginning to cook!
He starts grilling onions! These are so good!

Pam, Tina, & Kim waiting for service
Seth, Billy, & Mamaw
Wendy and Josh join us!
Cody and Jared eat their Japanese soup!
Man... mom lookslike she is ready to kill me!!! haha