Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Seasons of Life Poetry.... The Essence of New Life

I found a poetry book that my friend Jennifer Helton-Richmond and I created in our Children's Literature class in college. These are poems that we had written from our youth through our early 20's. Some of mine really show the development of self esteem and self concept in action because I was developing mine while writing them. I can't imagine how I felt when I wrote some of them and then again with others, I can remember every single feeling. Anyway.... I will share some of these off and on over the next few weeks with you guys. Please keep in mind, if some of these poems are sort of gloomy, remember I was a young girl and had had a few broken hearts along with the dreariness of learning to be a teenager and then a young woman. The coolest part about finding these is the fact that I can read them now and see exactly how much I have grown as a writer and as a woman. I love our poetry book because it is entitled "Seasons of Life" and it contains poems from childhood up through adulthood. Jen and I even matched the font to the ages group of each poem and laid out the whole thing in the timeline of a life using seasons of the year. It was beautiful when it was finished and bound and we received an A, which the professor had warned, would be really hard to get if we opted for a project over our final exam. Anyway, here's the first one I will share and it's mainly because it was amazing to me when I read it. I was dreaming of creating and raising a child with my husband even before we were man and wife. I was already looking deep into the future and thinking about our children. Enjoy!

The Essence of New Life

The cries of a newborn child ring in my head.

How I want a love like that.

I want to reach into the depths of my soul,

And intertwine that with yours.

I want to hear this beautiful sound in a short increment of time.

The thrill of creating,

That is an honor in itself.

The essence of discovering.

What a wonderful moment.

Informing the world.

Yes world here we are together

The magical months that are too often taken for granted.

The bittersweet pains,

The climax,

The release.

And there you’ll be.

Fresh and new in my arms.

A product of an unbinding love.

A small, yet bright, glow to light up a future life.

And I’ll look into your big eyes,

Such innocence,

And Pray for the future

That God has sculpted out for you.

Pray that he blesses you as much as he has blessed me.

Pray that you, this small being,

Can make a positive impact on a darkened and dull world.

My child, I Pray that someday you’ll know the love I feel right now.

Thank You God ... He's Ok!

Some of you may know that my husband has been going through a lot physically lately. He had a major episode with what we think was his gall bladder and he was diagnosed again with H. pylori. After all this happened, he had a dental procedure go wrong and ended up with severe burns on his upper and lower lips. It has been a crazy 2008 just 2 months in!

To add to the drama, Michael was involved in a car accident today. As most of you know, Michael is a sales and leasing consultant at Legend Suzuki in Corbin, Ky (if you ever need anything let me know! sorry had to put that plug in there!) Today, he had a young guy and girl that wanted to test drive a 2007 Cobalt. So, he followed protocol and then proceeded to get in the car and leave. After he got in, something kept coming to his mind about his seatbelt. He said that when you are in and out of cars all day, sometimes you just don't bother to connect your seatbelt. But today was different. For some reason (GOD), he was panicking because he couldn't get his seatbelt to fasten. He kept trying and trying as they neared the roadway in front of the dealership. The more he tried, the more he stressed about getting it in. Finally, he heard a click and about 10 seconds later they were T-boned by a Suburban. The hit was mainly in his door and he walked out shaken up and sore but ok. What a blessing from God! The folks that were with him on this test drive were ok as well and only had a minor injury.

We were driving home tonight from the gas station and he said, "Alesha, I would have went through that windshield and hit the metal between the windshield and the door just like Danielle did." I just teared up. It's hard to know that my best friend moved into Heaven's realm after this tragedy and to hear it brought up and in relation to it happening again with my husband is extremely difficult. How awesome is our God that He would keep the very thing that took my best friend's life from taking that of my husband's? So many more memories are still hanging in the balance and I want to see them come to pass. Wow! Words cannot describe! So, I just want to shout it for the whole world to hear........
This just may make you reach out and hug your hubby or loved one a little tighter. I know I will.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

An attempt

Hi guys....

I've been home all day today due to snow and it was awesome for me because I am sick. The snow has saved me 2 sick days, today and tomorrow. I've been bored today because I have MADE myself stay in bed so that I can get better. While I laid here, I figured I might as well play around with making a new blog border. Well, as you can see.... here's my first attempt. It isn't fancy and it actually isn't the first attempt (I just didn't really like how the other's looked), but it feels good to know that I did create it. So... just hang in there with me and hopefully if I continue to find spare time I will learn more. One question, does anyone know where to get good graphics?